Altamonte Springs WRF, Phase I Maitland, FL

Install two 90' Clarifiers with coatings and new equipment. Demolish existing clarifiers and chemical building. Grade area and install a new chemical building with four chemical tanks and two new chemical skids. Install two precast manholes, one for the new chemical building and one for the new clarifiers.

Make modifications to the existing nitrifications tanks, installing new steel header piping, two new mixers, and install two new metal weir walls.

Build a new splitter box with four weir slide gates, and build a new scum box for the two clarifiers and install two submersible pumps in the scum box.

Run new underground and aboveground piping to the two new clarifiers and for two future clarifiers.

SWRF Clarifier No. 3 Orlando, FL

Forming and placing of 175’ Dia. Concrete clarifier and flow splitter box outside of structure. Installation of 54” & 30” under slab piping. Approx. 4110 CY of concrete total.