UF WRF Filtration System Replacement

2 New AquaDisk filtration units were installed and the existing filter structure was modified to accommodate the effluent flow form the new units. An aluminum access structure was furnished. This project included 2 handwheel plug valves and 3 with motor actuators. New electrical was provided to 2 Filter units, motor actuated valves, and the level transducers. New overhead lights were installed on the aluminum access structure. The new pipe and concrete received a protective coating.

Cape Canaveral Filters

6 Existing sand filters were demoed, and the existing concrete structure received extensive modifications. Existing walls in the sand filter bays were cut down 5 feet , these bays were then filled with more than 300 cubic yards of cellular fill, to place the new disk filter equipment pads. 2 Veolia disk-filters were placed in the location of the old sand filters and tied into the existing pipeline utilizing 12” ductile iron pipe and plug valves. To access the new disk-filters, an aluminum platform was furnished and installed on top of the new concrete equipment pad. Modifications made to the existing filter structure allow direct access to the service platform.  

Winter Garden Filter Improvements Winter Garden, FL

Sitework, dewatering, form, pour, and place concrete structure, piping, installation of (3) package filters, with new aluminum walkways and stairs. Associated electrical and I&C upgrades.

Conserv II Filter Rehab

This project entailed the rehabilitation of (6) Suez ABW Filters. This process included removing and hauling off over 20,000 cubic feet of existing sand/anthracite media using vac trucks, acetone cleaning of the filter basins, removal of the existing caulking at each cell (120 per filter), installation of new chlorine resistant caulking at each cell, and the installation of over 20,000 cubic feet of new sand and anthracite media.

East Side Water Reclamation Facility Expansion Filter Project
Clermont, FL

Replace the existing filters with a cloth media type filter system for an increase in capacity. The project includes modifications to provide new cloth filter system that can be installed within the existing structures and associated structural, electrical, and equipment modifications as needed to provide a complete disk filter facility.